Dog Sitting

We're often asked if we can provide short term accommodation, other than overnight stays. Well, the answer you'll be pleased to hear, is a resounding YES.

We all know that your dog is part of the family. But every now and again it's nice to have the bit of quality time to yourself.

So, whether you're going to a restaurant, watching a concert or show, or any other activity where you wish you could call upon the canine equivalent of a baby sitter, then Droveway Kennels can help.

So how long is short?

The answer is that we're totally flexible. Everyone has different needs and we can usually find a way of helping you out with your dog sitting needs.

Is it a 24-hour service? I guess we have to say no, because as much as we would like to say yes, our other doggy guests might not appreciate being woken up in the small hours. However, we are pretty flexible.

DO Give us a call...

Wondering if we can help? The best thing is to give us a ring on 01285-811083 and tell us what ideally what you would like from us, and we'll be more than happy to see what we can do to help.